I’m an ordinary lady who likes to write down experiences…part 3

School Days Adventures Chapter 3

One day I was called to come to the school right after lunch. When I arrived at the school a couple of teachers, one of my girls and the assistant principal were waiting in the cafeteria to talk to me. I had no idea what was going on.

They instructed the child to tell me what happened. She told me that a boy had said to her that her breasts were not real, but that is all she would tell me. One of the teachers told me that she lifted up her shirt and showed the boy her breasts and said to him “see, they are real.” The boy told the teacher what she had done and said to him, but failed to tell the teacher what he said to the girl before she did that. Being a foster parent I was not surprised at hearing this news as I had seen many things that were more surprising or even shocking. This girl came from an extremely abusive and deprived background and did not think there was anything wrong with showing the boy that her breasts were real. All of us at the table talked with her for some time to explain to her why that was not acceptable behavior. To my knowledge she never did anything like that again.

Another day I was called and asked me if I knew that one of the girls was giving away jewelry at school. I went to the school to find that she had taken some of my jewelry and was giving it to children. If the teacher had not seen her doing this I would not have had very many if any earrings and necklaces left in my jewelry box. She wanted to give her friends gifts was her explanation for taking the jewelry.

The most serious situation I was called to the school for was concerning a 17 year old boy that was in our home for the 3rd time since the age of 10. He was hard to place because of serious behavior problems. When the call came in I answered the phone and was told that I needed to come to the school immediately and remove one of the children.

Not knowing what had happened I loaded the little children in the van and headed off to the school. My mind was racing all the way there trying to think of what could have possibly happened to warrant a child being removed from the school immediately.

When I arrived at the school and walked into the principal’s office I saw the boy there waiting for me to take him home. I was informed by the principal that he had shoved his teacher out of the classroom door and threatened to throw her off the second floor onto the stairs and floor below. The principal then told me he could never attend that school again.

When I arrived back home with him I called the case worker. She came the next day and placed him in an emergency group home in another city. To be continued…

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I’m an ordinary lady who likes to write down experiences…part 2

School Days Adventures Chapter Two

Not all of our public school experiences were negative. There were times when we could not help but laugh at something one of the children did and there were a lot of smiles.

There were a few wonderful teachers that went over and above what was expected of them to help with the children getting their needs met. I very much enjoyed helping those teachers by doing art work for them.

One of our sweet little foster boys was in kindergarten. He had a precious smile and personality, but he had issues and needed to be watched closely for that reason. Almost every day he would come out of the school building with the front of his shirt cut. It always looked like a work of art. The first day he came to the van with his shirt cut I left my daughter with the children and I went inside the school to speak with his teacher.

I asked her what happened to this little boys shirt. She told me she noticed during craft time that he was cutting his shirt instead of the paper. She talked to him and instructed him to use the scissors on the paper.

The next day this little boy again came out of school with his shirt cut. I called the teacher after arriving home. She said she talked to him and showed him again how he should use the scissors on the paper and not his shirt. For the next few days he came home with his shirt in tact. I thought the teacher had finally gotten the message across to him that he should cut paper and not his shirt.

I found after a few days this precious little one had still not learned he was to cut the paper and not his shirt. He came out of the building again wearing his art work, the artistically cut strips on his shirt flapping in the breeze as he ran to the van. I went inside the school and asked the teacher if she could give him assignments that did not include using scissors. She told me she would have to allow him to use scissors, but that she would come up with something different to try to keep him from cutting his shirt.

I always wondered how he had so much time to cut on his shirt without the teacher seeing him. The children that sat at the table with this little boy began telling the teacher when they saw him cutting his shirt and he came home with less cuts. He really used scissors well and cut nice designs in his shirts and at times I wanted to compliment him on his work, but thought better of that idea since his masterpiece was on his shirt. I was thankful he did not ever cut himself.

Finally there was special permission given for this little boy to not be required to use scissors at school.

He still cut his shirt when he could pick up another students scissors and begin cutting before someone saw him and told the teacher. But that didn’t happen very many times. He was allowed to color pictures when the other students used scissors.

He was only in our home for a few weeks but I replaced several shirts while that little boy was with us. We never could figure out why he preferred to cut his shirt rather than paper.

I wonder if he grew up to be a clothing designer or some type of artist. He sure loved making designs with scissors on shirts.

rdeschoolAnother little boy age 8 was just bubbling over with joy, he smiled all the time and nothing ever caused him to look sad. It amazed me that he was so happy all the time after all that he had experienced before coming to live with us for a time.

He loved school and loved all the teachers and students. He was so sweet and such a good student that all the teachers in his grade wanted him to be in their class.

Every school day morning he would bounce out of bed, get dressed, eat and be the first one at the door ready to head out to school.

He had a speech impediment and learning was difficult for him but that never slowed him down, he enjoyed life to the fullest.

This boy kept in touch with us and came to see us several times after becoming an adult. He passed away much too young from heart issues. His brother still comes and visits us now and then. To be continued…

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