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Camera, Wildlife, Critters and Colors


I have been playing around with camera adjustments and having fun trying to learn more about getting good photos.  This Bunting was in a very shady area so I did some adjusting with the camera and in Photoshop. I was hoping to get a picture of the little beauty in the sun, but that didn’t happen.



I spotted this little one sitting atop the fence watching me taking pictures. He was in the shade too but this picture did okay without adjustments.


He was following me with his head and eyes as I moved around. These little critters make me laugh, they are quite the characters.



Chancy gets jealous if I don’t take his picture so he always manages to stop for a second or two so I can get a picture of him. As you can see I took this picture before I raked leaves and mowed the grass for the first time this year.


I captured Patches enjoying a nice nap in a nice sun puddle. Wish I could sleep like cats do, they always look so peaceful and no matter what position they are in they seem to be comfortable.


The Azaleas are finally blooming and looking gorgeous as they do every year. I love them and they require very little care.


I took advantage of the gorgeous blooms to practice on close-ups.


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