I Am An Ordinary Lady Who Likes to Write Down Experiences…Part 4

School Days Adventures Chapter 4

After we adopted five of the foster children we decided only to take in special needs and hard to place infants and toddlers. My daughter was the only one at the time in public school. She rode the school bus to and from school.

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With the two boys already home schooling I decided to home school our youngest daughter. She being quadriplegic and not able to see, talk or do anything for herself, most of her schooling was physical, speech  and occupational therapy. She loved for someone to read to her. We had books that had things to push or squeeze that made sounds. She would giggle when she heard the sounds. The two older boys loved helping me with some of her therapy. In the picture her brother is placing a magic marker in her hand so that when her arm moved she would mark on the paper. We saved some of her masterpieces and displayed each new one on the fridge door to stay there until she painted the next one.

She attended public school for a couple of months, but it was more hassle getting her there and back than it was worth. The therapist at the school was not able to work with her more than one day a week and she needed therapy twice a day every day at a minimum. We had private speech and occupational therapists come to our home to work with her. I also did therapy with her that each therapist instructed me to do between their visits.

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We used several things for her therapy. There were balls, rolls, a stander, braces and several other things. One thing was a  tricycle that was altered for her to help keep her hip joints from freezing up and loosen her muscles that were always very tight. Her body movements were involuntary but when her legs jerked or stiffened her feet would move the peddles and the tricycle would roll a few inches each time her legs moved. If you would like you can read her story by clicking on her name Krystal or click on the tab at the top of the blog page.

Home schooling was fun. We visited science and history museums, military museums,  American Indian Museums, different kinds of zoos and animal farms. The children participated in spelling bees and science fairs. We went on field trips with other children and parents in our home school group and also attended live plays with them. That gave us great hands-on learning as we studied the subjects in books. We had outdoor and indoor school depending on what we were studying. Math class in junior and senior high school was on video with a great math professor from whom I purchased tapes.

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One of the boys was in Boy Scouts and played baseball for a while. One of the girls played basketball and we enjoyed going to all the games.

We have seven children. The three oldest children graduated from public school. One of them retired from the Army after serving over 20 years and in two wars. One works for the company he has been employed with for many years. The other one works at an establishment that teaches and cares for special needs children.

The other boys I home schooled until they graduated. The two youngest girls I home schooled until the youngest of the two passed away. The other one attended her last two years and graduated from a private school.

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They are all adults now. All but one is employed, because of severe mental illness she can not work and needs a caregiver. One of the boys attended college and is working toward a law degree. So in my book school was a success for them all no matter where they attended school. I am very proud of them for graduating. For some of them it was not easy but they hung in there and made it.

I am very thankful for the teachers, social workers, doctors, therapists, other moms of special needs children and home school moms that helped me with what I needed to know and do to help the children achieve this great accomplishment.

My hubby retired early so he could help me, he was great at changing diapers and holding babies when I needed him to. He also did most of the lifting when our youngest daughter needed to be moved from one place to another. He washed a lot of dishes and helped with other things, what a blessing he was. I could not have home schooled the younger children had he not been there for me when I needed help. I really enjoyed schooling the children, at times I still miss those days. I learned right along with the children.

Coming next…Mealtime and Food.

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I’m an ordinary lady who likes to write down experiences…part 3

School Days Adventures Chapter 3

One day I was called to come to the school right after lunch. When I arrived at the school a couple of teachers, one of my girls and the assistant principal were waiting in the cafeteria to talk to me. I had no idea what was going on.

They instructed the child to tell me what happened. She told me that a boy had said to her that her breasts were not real, but that is all she would tell me. One of the teachers told me that she lifted up her shirt and showed the boy her breasts and said to him “see, they are real.” The boy told the teacher what she had done and said to him, but failed to tell the teacher what he said to the girl before she did that. Being a foster parent I was not surprised at hearing this news as I had seen many things that were more surprising or even shocking. This girl came from an extremely abusive and deprived background and did not think there was anything wrong with showing the boy that her breasts were real. All of us at the table talked with her for some time to explain to her why that was not acceptable behavior. To my knowledge she never did anything like that again.

Another day I was called and asked me if I knew that one of the girls was giving away jewelry at school. I went to the school to find that she had taken some of my jewelry and was giving it to children. If the teacher had not seen her doing this I would not have had very many if any earrings and necklaces left in my jewelry box. She wanted to give her friends gifts was her explanation for taking the jewelry.

The most serious situation I was called to the school for was concerning a 17 year old boy that was in our home for the 3rd time since the age of 10. He was hard to place because of serious behavior problems. When the call came in I answered the phone and was told that I needed to come to the school immediately and remove one of the children.

Not knowing what had happened I loaded the little children in the van and headed off to the school. My mind was racing all the way there trying to think of what could have possibly happened to warrant a child being removed from the school immediately.

When I arrived at the school and walked into the principal’s office I saw the boy there waiting for me to take him home. I was informed by the principal that he had shoved his teacher out of the classroom door and threatened to throw her off the second floor onto the stairs and floor below. The principal then told me he could never attend that school again.

When I arrived back home with him I called the case worker. She came the next day and placed him in an emergency group home in another city. To be continued…

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