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Storm Came Through


A storm came through our area on Tuesday and took out our electricity so I have not been able to be online to visit blogs. There were some uprooted trees and one fell on some of the power companies equipment and knocked out the power for our whole community. We finally had electricity again by early evening yesterday.


Hubby and I decided to get out and do some yard work yesterday while we waited for the power to come back on. We got quite a lot done and the yard is beginning to look better now.

The pictures are of a beautiful male Eastern Bluebird that I noticed in the yard a few days ago. I knew that we had them here in Arkansas but had never seen one until I saw this one sitting on the fence near a cedar tree. I was so excited and was afraid he would leave before I could get to my camera and get back to snap some pictures. I was very lucky and got these two shots before he flew off.

I know they are very fond of mealworms so I plan to pick up some when we pick up pet supplies and I hope he continues to come around and enjoy them.


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