Rough Around the Edges and Beauty


Some of the beautiful cardinals are molting. I managed to get a picture of this one that is looking a bit rough around the edges. One flew up to the feeder the other day that was almost naked but I couldn’t get the camera in time to get a picture of him. They are not too pleasing to look at without feathers.


I was going to move the car under the car port and spied this beautiful Hackberry Emperor butterfly enjoying some shade on the driver’s side window. Naturally I had to go get my camera and get a picture. I have not seen one around our place before. We have a lot of Monarchs but few others.

Not a Good Year For Them

I guess it has not been a good year here in my area for Hydrangea. I have a blue one and a purple one. The blue one came from my mother-in-law over 30 years ago and has flowered beautifully every year until this year. The plant has grown very tall which I have never seen it do before. We have had a lot more rain than usual though for this time of year so that could be the reason for the growth. The purple one had only one cluster of flowers on it this year.


I walked out on the porch the other day and saw this pretty Rosy Maple Moth resting beside the front door. It was a very hot and humid day and it had found a nice shady spot to rest. I think the yellow and pink colors are very pretty on this moth. I would love to touch one and see if they feel as furry as they look, but would not want to frighten one of them by doing so. The moth rested there for several hours before leaving.