Last Meal Of The Day


The cardinals are always the last ones to leave the feeders each day.  They stay and eat until almost dark. This one was flying in to await his turn at the feeder just as the sun was going down.



I found it interesting the way the bright sun from the west made his colors look more orange than red. His feathers look like they were orange like his beak instead of the red they actually are.

Rough Around the Edges and Beauty


Some of the beautiful cardinals are molting. I managed to get a picture of this one that is looking a bit rough around the edges. One flew up to the feeder the other day that was almost naked but I couldn’t get the camera in time to get a picture of him. They are not too pleasing to look at without feathers.


I was going to move the car under the car port and spied this beautiful Hackberry Emperor butterfly enjoying some shade on the driver’s side window. Naturally I had to go get my camera and get a picture. I have not seen one around our place before. We have a lot of Monarchs but few others.