Bathing On The Front Porch

This cardinal was enjoying a nice long bath for almost 10 minutes. He looked so cute I had to get a video of him although I had to get it through 2 windows. I was wondering if he thought this would be his last bath until spring. :)

Signs Of Two Seasons In One


I am beginning to see a few signs of the new season around my place. I noticed the other day that one of the crepemyrtle trees has both blooms of summer and colors of fall on some of the leaves. This picture does not do justice to the beautiful colors on the tree.


This is a close-up of the same tree. You can see the summer blooms in the background and the colors changing on the leaves in the foreground.

Leaf and pine needle raking has begun here at my place and it lasts until mid to late November. It is not one of my favorite things of the autumn season but I do get some nice exercise.

Are you seeing many colors in your area yet?