I First Thought It Was A Snake

I looked out the window a little while ago and saw what I thought was a snake on one of the posts on the porch. On closer inspection I saw that it was two leopard slugs getting ready to mate. I grabbed my camera and was able to capture a few pictures of them. They were too slow for me to capture more of their action…too hot and too late in the day for me to stay out there. The Leopard Slugs grow to be from 4 to 8 inches long. These two were about 6 inches long. They are the largest slugs I have ever seen. leoslug2

You can see a nice informative video of the leopard slugs and how they mate here…https://youtu.be/wG9qpZ89qzc

Shug and I are still holding our own he has had a couple of  good days. Today though he has needed me to help him find things and he has needed more supervision.  He doesn’t remember if he has eaten and wants to eat when he had a meal just an hour before. He says he is hungry when he has eaten and not hungry if he hasn’t eaten. So I have to make sure he does not over eat and eat when he needs to.  He puts his cup of coffee down some place and then forgets it and goes and gets another one or more. Things like that happen most days but now and then he has a good day or two when he is fairly lucid so we take advantage of those days and get out and about for awhile.

A couple of days ago we were able to get out and pick up a few groceries. He had problems keeping the cart going in the right direction so I just held on to the side and helped him guide it. I always have my hand on the side of the cart anyway so I know he is not wandering off. On his good days that we don’t need groceries we go pick up something to bring home and eat, sometimes we get to eat out but not very often. He enjoys getting out and I hope we can continue to get out on his good days for a very long time I enjoy our outings too.

Sneezes, Sniffles, Drips and More

challersprgLately Chancy and I have been having lots of sneezes,sniffles and drips. Not sure what all Chancy is allergic to but when he goes outside it all starts. We have been having tree work done and I am allergic to oak so that has stirred up all the allergy issues with me.

Shug has been fairly lucid for the last few days. I love and enjoy those days while I can because they end abruptly without warning. I take advantage of them and we do our grocery shopping on those days. I have him push the cart, I hold on to the side of it and that way he doesn’t wander off without me knowing it. So far he has done very well and stayed right with the cart on every trip to the store.

A few times I have thought I heard Baby Boy barking…it was so plain but lasted only a few seconds each time. I still miss him so much. My Shug looks in the backyard and says “Hi, Baby Boy” almost every time he goes outside, brings tears to my eyes. I am just in awe of all the sweet, comforting and caring comments that was posted when he made his trip to Rainbow Bridge. Bless all of you.

I had a little time so wanted to let all my dear sweet friends know how it is going with us. Love and hugs to all.