The Man The Eggs and Me


At the grocery store…

Man…”The price of eggs makes me think I need to get some chickens.”

Me…”I know.”

Man…”Then I remember gathering eggs barefooted and having to clean all that out from between my toes.”

Me…”For sure.”

Man…”You’ve  been there, huh?”

Me…”I have gathered eggs a lot of times.” (Never barefooted though)

We both were laughing as he picked up a carton of the cheapest eggs and went on his way. I decided I was going to do some testing.

There were several choices of eggs. I picked up a dozen of “cage free” eggs and a dozen of “cage free brown” eggs. I usually get the cheapest eggs. The prices of the three range from just over $2.00 a dozen to just under $4.00 a dozen.

The inside of the eggs all looked exactly the same and they all tasted the same. The yolks were pale in color in all of them the whites were very thin and runny.  None of them tasted like eggs should and really had very little flavor at all. The only difference was that the brown eggs had a thicker shell than the others.

I will keep getting the cheaper eggs now that I know inside those shells they are all the same.

If I was younger I would get chickens but I would make sure I had shoes on before gathering eggs.

Do you have chickens and what is your take on the eggs in the stores?