But I Had No Milk

I wanted to make biscuits but I had no milk and did not want to get out early to purchase some.

I said a simple prayer, put some (unmeasured) Bisquick in a bowl and added water until the dough was the way I like it to look. Then I put the dough on Bisquick and kneaded it until it felt right to me. Then I cut the biscuits out, placed them on a cookie sheet and baked them. That is the way I always make biscuits but before I used milk. I am not one to always follow a recipe.

As a result I enjoyed a nice, hot, light, fluffy biscuit and have more to enjoy in days to come. I think they are some of if not the best biscuits I ever made.

Another one of those little things in life that I am so thankful for and blessed by.