Rest, Breathe and Feed


The last two weeks have gone fairly well for Shug and me. We have never seen so many birds at the feeders as we have the past several weeks. We had to make 3 trips to purchase bird seed in the last two weeks and that was in addition to what we have delivered every month. I have sure enjoyed all the beautiful birds and their sweet songs.


I am getting in the groove of things more now. I have been able to stop and breathe and it feels so good.  I am finding time to rest and have time to myself at least once a day which I am enjoying and it is really helping. When I find Shug has dozed off in his chair I spend a little time on the computer. Sometime it is late at night other times during the day…but anytime works for me. On pretty days while he dozes I go outside and enjoy the sunshine and walking around and just breathe in deeply the fresh air that smells so good and refreshing.

NFfinchesSeveral weeks ago I hung large notes in the kitchen and bathroom with things written on them that Shug uses a lot. Sorry to say they did not help. He never paid any attention to the notes. So I keep reminding him where things are when he can’t find them. Thankfully he has not put anything in the oven now for about a week.

WPice2-16-15I have been tricking him to get on his bath seat in the bathtub and when he does I shampoo his hair and bathe him. Not sure how long that will work but so far it is working. He hangs his clothes on the back of his chair at night when he goes to bed so I am switching the dirty ones for clean ones while he sleeps. I have learned that not wanting to bathe is part of Dementia. So we will just deal with that and I will bathe him as often as I can. There are products I can purchase to clean his hair and body without him getting in the tub or water so we will go that route when and if it becomes necessary.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASigns of spring has finally arrived at our place and I am sure enjoying this splash of color. Today I saw some green on some of the shrubs and trees so soon it will be much more colorful around here. I want to get out and do yard work so much but with my arm out of service I can’t do that. My son and daughter-in-law will come and do what needs to be done and I will watch them and be thankful they are doing it for us.

I am so glad that many of you enjoyed the song I posted. It just kept rolling through my thoughts the day I posted it and thought I would share it. Thank you for all your nice comments and for always being there. Leaving love and hugs for all until next time.