Busy rough morning but…

brdbshHubby got up from his chair in a twisted manner and now he has his sciatic nerve giving him pain. I have him using his walker, but keeping him doing it has been a tussle. It helps him get up straight where without it he doesn’t and that causes the pain to increase.

azWe had heavy rain, wind and large hail yesterday evening. I was surprised when Chancy and I took a walk around the yard this morning to find that the bridal wreath and azaleas still look beautiful. I felt so uplifted after that walk among the plants and birds with Chancy walking every step with me right by my side.

It is amazing how much that little dog helps me just being here with me, listening to me chatter and never leaving my side. Where I am so is he unless he is outside and I am inside. He is still listening though and he doesn’t stay out long unless I am out there with him.

God knew what was ahead for me and sent that little dog to me. He knew just what I would need beside me to help me along this journey that Shug and I are on. We just never know what form some of our greatest blessings are coming in. He also knew how helpful, encouraging and comforting my sweet blogging friends would be and I have more than I would have ever dreamed I would. All of you are in every prayer I pray and in my thoughts. Thank you for being here.

Love, hugs and blessings to you all