I Sure Enjoyed The Laughs You All Gave Me….Good Medicine

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tm12-14-12BBeautiful little Tuft Titmouse

tm12-14-12DI love these little birds

I want to thank all of you that shared your funnies with me on my can opener post. I enjoyed them so very much and the laughs really made me feel a lot better. You all are the best.

Chancy and I both thank you for all the sweet comments on his pictures. He is really enjoying the cooler days and has run and run when he is outside. He helped me do a bit of trimming and picking up some small limbs in the backyard today.

Some of you already know that my Shug fell Wednesday night. He has a bruised nose with a bump, bruised chest wall and a toe that was almost completely severed and had to have stitches to reattach the toe. He is doing okay and his toe looks good. He sees the orthopedic surgeon in a few days for follow up.

Dementia keeps me busy…Dementia and injury requiring the use of a walker and the wearing of a special shoe well, there is not a word that I can think of at the moment to tell you what that is like. He forgets and takes off the shoe and forgets to use the walker or will leave the walker somewhere along the way and walk on to where ever he ends up with no walker.

He does not remember falling, or being at the hospital. He asks me every day some times more than once why his toe is sore or what happened to his toe. I feel so sorry for him, it must be so confusing for him to know he hurts and doesn’t know why.

He is content as can be when he is in his easy chair in front of the TV and for that I am thankful. He says his toe only hurts when he walks.