When Did I Begin and Why Do I Do It?

The last few weeks I have been thinking about blogging. I have thought back to when I started and asked myself why do I still do it. I don’t follow the rules of blogging and I am certainly not one to post regularly. I didn’t even know what blogging was until not long before I came to WordPress.

My journey all began years ago when there was free webpage space with my internet providers.

With my  webpages I had met many wonderful people and enjoyed making graphics for them and making themes for my  webpage. I also enjoyed the comments that people were so kind to leave on my page. Some of those people I am still in contact with today.

After having webpages on 7 different sites over many years I finally ended up on a site that I really liked and I didn’t know it at the time but I was blogging in some ways there. Sadly the site closed down not long after many of my friends and I had gone there.

From there I went to 3 blogging sites where some of my friends had gone, but was not really satisfied with any of them so I eventually ended up on WordPress.

Why do I have a blog? All I know is I really enjoy being in contact with all the wonderful people who visit my blog and I enjoy visiting theirs as I can. Sharing pictures of what I see as beauty in nature is another thing I really enjoy. Sometimes I just need to talk about something and will post about it and get wonderful feedback…love it.

The encouragement and help you all gave me while I was caring for my Shug was priceless. I will forever be most thankful for that.

I will never follow the rules for blogging because I don’t know enough about any one subject to do so…but I will keep posting what I want to share as long as there are wonderful people like you who come to read the posts no matter what I post.

Thank you for being my blogging friends.

I would love to hear how you got started blogging and why you do it.