Have You Ever Wanted To Do This


I am so thankful my Shug likes to watch TV, that gives me time to get things done without having to watch him so much. But several times over the last two weeks I have wanted to take the remote, throw it in the trash and hope to never see it again. Why can’t they make a TV remote with only three buttons…one to turn the TV on and off, one to control the volume and one to change channels?


I lost count long ago of how many times I have had to reprogram the TV or show my Shug which button to push for what he wants the TV to do. It happens every day at least once, some days several times.


Life would be a bit easier for me right now if they just made a remote that would operate my Shug’s TV with a lot fewer buttons.

He came in just awhile ago and said the TV was messed up…I told him I would fix it and I did with a smile. It wasn’t messed up at all he just forgot which button changes the channels…too many buttons.

My arm is getting better and I have been visiting some blogs today and tonight. Typing still is slow so my comment may be short or I may just click a “like”. I miss getting to visit your blogs so will do so when I have a little free time. It is late now and I will be going to bed soon I am waiting on my Shug to go to sleep then I will.

Hoping tomorrow I won’t feel like tossing the remote. :)

The pictures are a bit fuzzy, I took them through cold, frosty windows.