I am new to this Dementia life found this helpful…

You might find this video helpful. It helped me to understand a bit more about the changes in my Shug. He is like two different people now and most of the time he is this person that I don’t know that well. I appreciate the times when my Shug shines through.

Ten Early Signs of Dementia

and examples of behaviors

My Life Is Full

With each passing day my duties are increasing. I am having to ask for more help and I am thankful that I have someone who comes running when I call. Even with help my spare time is very limited.

I have joined an amazing online support group that has thousands of members and it is a very active group. The majority of my spare time is now spent in the group.

Right now I just don’t see how I can fit blogging in to my life. And as time goes on there will be even more required of me. I will be closing (not deleting) Chancy and Pooh’s blogs soon. I will keep Mag’s Corner open and will post when I can but don’t expect it to be often. I appreciate so much all who have been faithful to follow not only this blog but the others too. I hope you understand why I have to do this. I need to be there for my Shug and love and help him cope as best he can with this cruel, uncaring, thief called dementia.

Love and hugs to all