Like Differance In Daylight and Dark

The difference in today and yesterday here at my place is like daylight and dark. Much, much better day today for all.

frstsignfall83115I looked out the window and saw the first signs of autumn in the backyard. I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful colors soon.

fnchfeed8312015The birds have been very busy at the feeders. Just before I took this picture I counted 15. The feeders were full and some were sitting on the porch rail waiting for their turn to eat.

sqdrkwatrThis little guy is enjoying some of the water that I put out for them every day so they will have a fresh cool drink of water.

headrubs8312015And this is how Pooh and my Shug have spent most of this day. Shug is having a very good day enjoying TV and spending time with Pooh. These are the kind of days I look forward to and I am so thankful that most of our days are that way.

Thank you all so much for your kind, caring comments on my post yesterday. They help me more than you will ever know. I read them all more than once and each time they raise my spirits and encourage me and they are so appreciated. Hugs

Some Days I Just Don’t Feel Like I Am The Right One

thrjas07_29_15Today is one of those days when I just don’t feel like I am the right caregiver for my sweet Shug. Most days he goes along with any of my suggestions for his needs. But some days like today he has been very resistant and became angry with me. I know him better than anyone and I know he really doesn’t mean a lot of what he says and can’t help what he does so I just bite the bullet and keep on keeping on. I will know when it is time to bring in help and I will sure do that when it becomes necessary. It just hurts my heart so much when he becomes angry with me. I cannot even imagine how it must feel to him to not be able to remember to do or how to do basic self-care things. I hate this disease with a passion.